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The dance of passion

Derived from the persecution of and isolation gypsy's, this folkloric dance has now become the lime light of Spaniard culture and artistic expression. In The twentieth century Flamenco was performed at wedding and special celebrations all over Spain. As with any dance form, many different styles of flamenco have developed.

Group performances are choreographed and can be done with males and females. Our most popular request is our solo performers, and is improvised rather than choreographed. The emphasis for both male and female performers is on lightning-fast footwork performed with absolute precision. In addition, the dancer may have to dance while using props such as castanets, shawls and fans. Most performances are accompanied by 1-2 guitarist but recorded music is also available. This passionate dance is sure to captivate your audience.

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Tropidanza dance company

is the top choice for your Party Entertainment. This diverse International dance team is considered to have the best Samba and Latin dancers in L.A. We have a reputation of having the most beautiful Samba dancers L.A. has to offer. Each dancer and performer has been carefully selected based on Talent, Beauty, Sophistication and Professionalism.

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  • Over a decade of experience featuring the most beatifull, professional and talented girls in Los Angeles.