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  • heart pumping & Titillating

    Extravagant Brazilian Entertainment and Stunning Samba Dancers In L.A.

    Please browse through our showcase. We offer many selections to choose from. Make Tropidanza Entertainment your place to book your Party Entertainment! Customizing shows that best fit your event’s needs!

  • Samba

    An evolution from a religious beginning to a country's national music and dance. Samba is a powerful and graceful body movement responding to the beats of the Batucada (Samba Band) with vigorous motions from the hips down.

  • Capoeira

    A beautiful martial art from Brazil with over 400 years of history in which ancient style from Angola have been transformed into a extraordinary circular motion of kicks with vast acrobatics.

  • Salsa

    Originally from Cuba and other areas of the Caribbean this spicy beat began mixing instruments from different cultures of the area to produce a mix of sounds called Salsa. The dance as well combines different folkloric movements into a sexy, smooth and vibrant dance.

  • Holiday Dancers

    Happy Holidays from Tropidanza. “Tis the season to be jolly”. Let Santa and his helpers join in on the festivities that brings holiday cheers!! Performances, Host and Greeters.

  • Flamenco

    This dance is filled with intense fire and passion from Spain. With quick foot stomping and hand clapping performances that are sure to keep your blood flowing.

  • Tango

    Argentine Tango Dancers ignite audiences with sheer passion in each performance. From the streets of Buenos Aires, this dance shows the most passionate connection between partners.

  • Ballroom

    Our beautiful Latin Ballroom dancers spice up the dance floor with the Paso Doble, Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba. Dancer may perform in groups or as individual couples.

  • Bellydance

    These beautiful entertainers specialize in traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern Belly dance entertainment. Performing mesmerizing isolations and snake like movements with their bodies to the beats of Arabic drums.

  • Cabaret Jazz & Broadway

    Filled with sophistication and attitude these jazz dancers will have you wanting more. Each performance carefully choreographed to best suit your event.

  • Burlesque Dancers

    These Tantalizing dancers will deliver a performance filled with moments of vintage 1920’s Burlesque with modern day soul.

  • drummers and bands 2

    Drummers and Bands

    We provide the best Live Drummers and Bands L.A. has to offer. Amazing musicians from all over the world with a variety of styles to select from to best suit your event.

  • Aerial Acts

    Silk ribbon to rope, amazing feats of acrobatics and gymnastics performed above the ground.

  • Hand Balance

    Concentration, strength, and amazing skill is demonstrated by unique balancing of two people challenging gravity to balance each other while one or both persons are levitated from the ground.

  • Stilts Dancers

    Originated in Africa, balance and great skill is needed when dancing while standing 14 feet tall in colorful and spectacular costumes.

  • Party Host servers & greeters

    Beautiful Party Host available to bring out Party favors, Cocktails, cigars, candy and cupcakes to you guest.

  • Tropical Latin Caribbean

    The Caribbean is a vast melting pot of African rhythms with multicultural influences. Offering joyous dances from, Merrengue, Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba ,Salsa, Lambada, Bachata , Soca ,Calypso and Conga line.